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Business Strategy

Business Strategy Consulting


Developing an effective business strategy is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. It serves as a blueprint of how a company is structured and contains the secret sauce to the success of a company within 12 months. Through Business Strategy Consulting, you'll receive one-on-one consulting to discuss strategic areas of your business, including the following:

  • Industry Analysis

  • Financial Analysis & Profitability

  • Business Model Design 

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Workflow & Operational Processes

  • Goals & Action Planning

Upon completion, you will create a customized action plan to help accomplish your immediate company goals within the next 12 months.  This program includes six (6) 60-minute consulting sessions, financial worksheets, and strategy tools.

Cost: $2,500
Payment plans are available. Schedule an introductory call to get started.

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"Going through the Business Strategy process helped me save time and money, which was paramount. The process helped me become more focused and kept me from trying to implement every grandiose idea I had."

CEO, HAZ Technologies

Columbus, OH

Strategic Planning 

Build winning strategies for your business through strategic design and planning. 


Get support in developing your company's strategic direction over the next three to five years. This includes evaluating your company's mission, vision, perceived value in the marketplace, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to success. The strategic planning process will help establish strategic goals that will be your company's focus for all activities and services. You'll receive three months of assistance to develop the strategic plan plus 12 months of support to implement the plan at our company. 

Duration: 15 Months

Cost: $14,000

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Business Strategy

Set the vision and foundation for your company's purpose and operational structure.


Business Planning

Develop your business plan to create a roadmap toward your goals and prepare for business funding.


Ongoing Support

Receive  guidance on executing your business plan and assistance with funding applications.

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Ready to strategize? Let's work.

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