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Business Planning 

Business Plan Review

Already have a business plan? Engage our consultants to conduct a full review of your  plan and receive feedback on areas that need improvement before presenting your plan for funding. 

Cost: $500

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Business Plan Writing Services

Don't have time to write your business plan?  We can help!  To begin writing your plan, you'll complete the Business Strategy process first. We will then use your strategy as a foundation for the planning process. We'll ask you a series of questions, gather any information you already have, and prepare a business plan you can take to the bank.  We offer 2 types of plans: Plan for Funding, and a Plan for Investment. Schedule a call below to find out which plan is best for you.


  • Plans for Funding: $3000 (Includes 3 Years of Financial Projections)

  • Plans for Investment: $5000 (Includes 5 Years of Financial Projections + Advanced Market Research)

Business Planning for Profitability Accelerator




Potential investors and lenders want to see a business plan before considering funding. A concept is just not enough. In the Business Planning for Profitability 9-Week Accelerator, you'll learn the process of building your business, writing your business plan and preparing your pitch. All classes will be held in-person at Aventi's office in Gahanna.

In this program, you will:

  • Explore various business models

  • Calculate the revenue needed to make a profit

  • Establish an operating budget

  • Set sales goals and a realistic salary

  • Determine the amount of funding needed and where you can access capital.

  • Develop/refine your business plan

  • Prepare a pitch deck and presentation


***Grant opportunity available!***

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have a business or business idea

  • You must live and/or operate the business in Central Ohio

2024 Cohort Dates

  • Winter Cohort: Jan 11th - March 14th

  • Spring Cohort: April 4th - June 6th 

  • Summer Cohort: June 20th - August 29th 

  • Fall Cohort: September 5th - November 7th

​To learn more about this program please contact or submit an application:  


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TechX: Tech Business Exploration

A program designed for existing business owners interested in transforming their business models to a tech-based model OR launching a new tech-based product/service. 

We are excited to work in partnership with Rev1 Ventures to present our 2024 Tech Business Exploration program!


This program is designed for existing business owners that are interested in transforming their business models to a tech-based model OR launching a new tech-based product/service.


  • Participants must be located or operating their business in Central Ohio. 

  • The duration of this cohort is 6 weeks, with classes meeting once per week for 90 minutes.

  • Classes will meet in-person at Aventi's office in Gahanna, on Wednesday evenings 6PM 

  • This program is sponsored and fully subsidized by Rev1 Ventures.

  • 2024 Cohort Dates:

    • Spring: April 10th - May 22nd​

    • Fall: August 7th - September 18th 

On-Demand Training

Get the help you need at any time of day to help build your strategy and business plan from whatever stage in business. Log into Aventi Academy and get started:

How to Start a Business - enroll in this free course to learn the steps to starting a business and what it takes to get started.

Business Model Design - examine the foundation of your company and design a business model that defines your company's value proposition, clarifies your ideal customer and helps you focus on what matters most in your business.

Business Planning for Profitability Online Self Study - learn the essentials of business planning to fast track your business for launch and expansion. In this course, you'll work on defining your value proposition, pricing your products or services, crafting a marketing plan, setting the owner's salary, writing a full business plan, developing a pitch deck for presentations, and more.

Business Planning for Profitability Workbook

business planning for profitability workbook.png

Get simplified instructions on developing your business plan with the help of this 36-page workbook. This workbook will help you better manage your business, set the right price, develop your competitive advantage, establish sales goals, create projections and more. Includes a free guide of resources for business systems including accounting, cloud storage, and presentation makers.

Price: $34.95
Shipping & Handling: $7.95

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