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Build Your Winning Strategy

Aventi works with you to develop steps toward growth by understanding core competencies and foundational components that enable your business to operate and achieve profitability. Through business model design and strategic business planning, Aventi consultants become partners in developing strategies that take your business to the next level.


Service Offerings

Business Model Design

Clarify how your business operates and generates revenue set the foundation for operational and marketing strategy development.

Funding & Financing

Support your business financially and get help preparing for a business loan, grant, or pitch competition.

Business Planning

Further develop tactics to reach your customers and your company's financial goals to realize profitability.

Training & Development

Create or enhance your company's training program to better serve entrepreneurs and improve program impact.

Strategic Planning

Create ongoing strategy to fulfill your company vision through strategic growth and sustainability.



Gain access to contracts and opportunities with a M/W/V/S/DBE certification and more.

Ready to strategize? Let's work.

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