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Deonna Barnett





I love helping others fulfill their passion and purpose in life through entrepreneurship. For 10+ years, I've served the small business community with training, support services and financing. I've made it my duty to share knowledge, expertise and resources so that entrepreneurs like you understand your value, build a profitable enterprise, and live out your best life.

Aventi Academy

The lack of hands-on learning and mentoring has been known to slow the growth of small businesses, particularly those owned by women and minorities. Through years of planning, extensive research, and input from other business professionals and entrepreneurs, the Aventi Academy training has been proven to put entrepreneurs on the path to success.

Business Model Design

Map out how your business will create value, operate and make money.

Business Planning

Build your infrastructure, set your price, manage cash flow and prepare for financing.

Preparation for Financing

Determine your financial need and identify your best resources for financing.


Gain access to an on-demand video library, advice, resources and Q&A calls.

Do you have a special project you need help with? We can work one-on-one to build your operational system, discuss your financials, develop a marketing strategy or prepare for your next business presentation.

Aventi Partners

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