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TechX: Tech Business Exploration

A program designed for existing business owners and professionals interested in transforming their business into a tech-based business model OR launching a new tech-based product/service.

The TechX Program is a comprehensive 8-week program designed to assist businesses in transitioning their traditional models into tech-based models or to launch new tech-based products/services. The program places a strong emphasis on ideation and early market validation, ensuring that participants can effectively identify opportunities, develop viable tech solutions, and validate them in the market.

This hybrid learning program consists of six (6) virtual product ideation sessions and five (5) in-person 2-hour design labs to offer:

  • Support in ideation and concept development to refine ideas and develop initial concepts, considering feasibility and market potential. 

  • Early market research to validate the feasibility and demand for the proposed concepts using techniques such as surveys, interviews, and competitor analysis  to gather insights. Participants will validate their ideas against market needs, identifying potential target segments and value propositions.

  • Hands-on assistance  to guide participants through the process of early-stage prototype conceptualization, experimentally bringing the idea to life with a winning and differentiated feature set.

  • Pitch preparation to learn how to effectively communicate their tech-based solutions to stakeholders, investors, or potential partners. 

The program will conclude with pitch presentations where participants showcase their validated tech solutions and outline next steps for implementation or further development.

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Desired Industries to Explore:

  1. Manufacturing

  2. Alternative Energy & Sustainability

  3. Brand, Media & Mobile

  4. Health & Human Services

  5. Insurance & Financial Services

  6. Technology

  7. Retail Innovation

  8. Food & Agribusiness

Register for the next Info Session to learn more: 

2024 Cohort Dates:
Spring: April 9 - May 28

Fall: August 7 - September 25



Why should you consider creating a tech product or service?

Delving into tech products opens doors to innovation, scalability, and broader market engagement. In today's digital era, they streamline operations and attract a wider audience, fostering entrepreneurial growth and influence.

Why role does technology play in business?

Technology stands as a cornerstone of progress across all sectors, amplifying efficiency and tackling intricate challenges. It empowers businesses to adapt, innovate, and flourish in an interconnected world, driving both economic prosperity and societal advancement.

Why start a tech-based business today?

The current moment presents an opportune time to venture into tech. With rapid advancements, such as AI, and evolving consumer demands, digital transformations enable businesses to gain a competitive edge, innovate, and thrive amidst dynamic change.

How can businesses effectively integrate technology into their existing operations?

Businesses can effectively integrate technology by automating tasks, leveraging cloud computing and data analytics, implementing CRM systems, and adopting mobile solutions and AI, ultimately enhancing efficiency, driving innovation, and gaining a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Does my business have to be in Ohio to participate in this program?

Yes, participants must be located or operating their business in Central Ohio.  This includes the following Ohio counties:
Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Hocking, Licking, Madison, Morrow, Perry, Pickaway, and Union.

How often do classes meet?

Classes are held weekly for six (6) weeks. Virtual class lectures are held weekly on Tuesdays from 6pm - 7:30pm EST and in-person design labs are also weekly on Wednesdays from 6p - 8p. 

Where are the in-person design labs held?

Working sessions will be held at Aventi Enterprises: 700 Taylor Road, Suite 210 in Gahanna, OH.


How much does this program cost?

This program is valued at over $1500, however it is sponsored and fully subsidized by Rev1 Ventures.

How many cohorts are there?

There are two cohorts in 2024: Spring Cohort starting April 10th and Fall Cohort starting August 7th.

How can I enroll in this program?

Click Here to Apply or register for an information session to learn more before making your decision.

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