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Business Planning for Profitability Workbook

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Get simplified instructions on developing your business plan with the help of this 36-page workbook. This workbook will help you better manage your business, set the right price, develop your competitive advantage, establish sales goals, create projections and more. Includes a free guide of resources for business systems including accounting, cloud storage, and presentation makers.

Price: $34.95
Shipping & Handling: $7.95

Diversity Certification Guide

When it's time to grow your small business, every new opportunity can be valuable. That's why it's important for businesses that are diversity-owned to get certified as such. Many government agencies and larger corporations are eager to contract work out to smaller businesses that are majority-owned by racial minorities, women, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, or veterans. If your business meets the criteria, a diversity-owned business certification could be a key that unlocks the door to growth.

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Diversity Certificaton Guide
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