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Business Strategy Consulting


Developing an effective business strategy is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. It provides a roadmap for innovation and growth by identifying your value to the market, leveraging your competitive advantage, and bringing focus to the needs of your customers which could lead to the creation of new products or services. Receive one-on-one consulting to develop a  business strategy for growth and profitability. In three (3) deep dive strategy sessions, we will discuss strategic areas of your business, including the following:

  • What is happening in your industry and what to prepare for as the industry changes

  • Your current financial situation and what changes are needed to increase profitability

  • Your current business model and what improvements can be made to increase customer value

  • How your company operates today and ways to reallocate resources to enhance operational efficiency

  • Ways you can engage with public and private sector markets and if these markets are right for you.


Upon completion, you will create a customized action plan to help accomplish your immediate company goals within the next 12 months. Strategy sessions are 3 hours each and includes financial worksheets and other strategy tools to help develop a strategy that puts you on a winning path.

Cost: $2,500

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Building Your Business Strategy 


Learn more about the importance of building a winning business strategy with Aventi's CEO, Deonna Barnett.

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"Going through the Business Strategy process helped me save time and money, which was paramount. The process helped me become more focused and kept me from trying to implement every grandiose idea I had."

CEO, HAZ Technologies

Columbus, OH

​Why Work with Aventi?

  • Save time building your business strategy. Developing a robust business strategy requires time and effort. By engaging an Aventi consultant, you an expedite the process with a more streamlined approach.

  • Get an unbiased perspective of your business.  As an owner, you may be deeply connected to your business, especially if you are the founder. Aventi consultants can offer a fresh viewpoint for a more objective analysis of your current situation and the opportunities ahead based on factual data and research.

  • Gain a team of consultants with specialized skills.  Our consultants are trained and certified to evaluate and design business models. An innovative business model is the foundation to building an effective business strategy.

  • Get access to industry knowledge and foresight. Aventi consultants use industry data from accredited research firms to help you better understand the business environment specific to your business, key success factors of major players in your industry, and what to prepare for in years to come.

Ready to strategize? Let's work.

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