Business Planning Courses

Learn how to start and grow your business at home with the help of Aventi Enterprises through collaborations with our community partners. Participants will learn the major steps in starting and growing a business, develop their business model and write a fundable business plan. Below is a list of course options to do so.


Business Planning for Profitability Essentials

Learn the essentials of developing your business plan, create a one-page plan, and prepare to present your plan in a class format.

Hosted & Sponsored by Academy for Community Entrepreneurs (ACE) at Central Community House
Location: Online - Cohort
Requirement: Must live in Franklin County, Ohio
Cost: No Charge Sponsored by ACE

CLICK HERE for upcoming dates and times for ACE Orientation.

Business Planning for Profitability Essentials + Coaching

Learn the essentials of developing your business plan, create a one-page plan, and prepare to present your plan. Receive one-on-one coaching to guide you through the process.
Hosted by Aventi Academy
Location: Online - Self-paced
Cost: $695

Enrollment coming soon


Her Way Business Builder Program
Program designed for women of color to help start or transform their business into a tech enabled company.
Hosted by Zora's House
Location: Online - Cohort
Cost: $100
2022 Information forthcoming

How to Grow Your Business with Contracts & Certifications Webinar

Learn how contracts can significantly add to your company's sales volume and how to leverage diversity certifications to acquire contracts. In this bi-monthly webinar, we will discuss the major certifications available in Ohio, the certifying agencies, the basic eligibility requirements of each certification and how to use certifications as a competitive advantage.  We will also invite special guests to share their successes and experiences with growing their businesses by using MBE, WBE, VBE, DBE and other diversity certifications. Any public changes or updates with these certification programs will also be discussed.

2022 Webinar Dates:

  • February 8

  • April 12

  • June 14

  • August 16

  • October 18

  • December 13


Funding Your Business Webinar Series: Resources & Options for Capital

Get your business funded! Join this FREE Webinar to learn about the funding opportunities available to you as a start-up and/or emerging small business! This webinar series will provide an overview of the current opportunities and up-to-date information on available business loans, crowdfunding, government funding, grants and more.

2022 Webinar Dates:

  • January 6

  • March 24

  • May 19

  • July 21

  • September 22

  • November 17


Business Plan Writing Webinar Series: How to Write Your Business Plan

What's in a business plan and why do I even need it? In this webinar, we'll review the importance of a business plan, when/how to use it, and what information should be included in the business plan.  In this FREE, interactive webinar, bring your questions to receive help and better understanding from the experts.

2022 Webinar Dates

  • January 26

  • March 30

  • May 25

  • Jul 27

  • Sep 28

  • Nov 23


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