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Calling all Black Women Business Owners

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Now that the stay-at-home order has lifted and businesses are re-opening, many organizations are measuring how it has affected small business owners. Not yet measured is the impact on a particular group of business owners, that being Black women business owners. This month, the Ohio RISE Survey has been initiated to weigh the impact of COVID-19 on Black women business owners who live in Ohio. It will measure how black women business owners are sustaining themselves and what their needs are as a result of the pandemic.

Aventi Enterprises is an anchor partner to The Alliance of Black Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs Ohio (ABBE-OH) who created the Ohio RISE Survey. Black women business owners from around the state of Ohio form the alliance. The Alliance chose the name RISE to represent Black women as (R) resilient, (I) impactful, (S) self-made, and (E) empowered. Together, they have found that Ohio is the fifth lowest state in the nation where Black women thrive.

If you are a Black woman business owner in Ohio, it is encouraged that you take the survey here. The goals behind the survey are to:

  • Survey 1000 Ohio Black businesswomen

  • Host Ohio Rise Telefocus groups and Tele-town halls

  • Share the analyzed data and stories with ABBE-OH members

  • Share the data with survey participants

  • Activate an advocacy action plan

  • Share the report with policy makers, funders, philanthropists and other allies

The survey closes June 22nd, so take the survey right here if you have not already. A comprehensive report will be published Fall 2020. It will be emailed to participants and on the website of the members of the ABBE-OH.

Take action now by taking the survey, posting on social media with #BlackwomenRISE or #1000VoicesStrong. You matter. Let your voice be heard.

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