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Email Marketing Made Easy

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Email marketing doesn’t have to be rocket science. It can be simple with planning and consistent implementation. Let’s say you have no email subscribers at all. Capture email addresses by offering your target audience something valuable in pdf form. Make sure to solve a pain point so that they will find it useful. Use a landing page to describe in detail pain points your target audience suffers from and then ask if they would like you to help solve the problem. You will then ask for their email address in exchange for a pdf explaining the solution to your target audience’s problem. This is only one way to grow your email list. Place the link to your landing page everywhere your target audience resides. Your target audience can be on social media, looking at advertisements, even someone else’s blog post.

As you grow your list, it will expand into multiple lists depending on interest and your offers. You must begin to think of your email list as an asset. Marketers who use segmented campaigns found a 760% increase in revenue.

Some questions may arise when it comes to email marketing: What do I write? How do I know who reads my emails? How much does it cost to implement email marketing for my company? How would I make money using email marketing?

There are two ways to implement email marketing. You can manage it yourself or hire an agency to manage it. You can expect to spend $9-$1,000 a month to manage your email marketing system. If you decide to work with an agency it can be around $300-$1500 a month. The cost is associated with the substance of your list. The bigger your list does not always mean the more money you can make. You must be talking to the right person. There are four types of emails to send: informational, digital newsletter, product update, and transactional. Your email list is a way to nurture your prospects to know, like and trust to buy from you.

Believe it or not, 73% of millennials prefer communication via email. There are metrics to look at when observing email campaigns and determine if it is working. Look at the number of emails delivered, the number of emails opened, the click through rate, the number of unsubscribes, the number of spam complaints, the bounce rate, and the number of social shares. These metrics can help you determine the health of your email list and campaigns. If you see low numbers in click through or open rates this means it is time to clean your lists. After all, the cost to do email marketing is determined on the substance of your list. If no one is opening or clicking content in your emails it is best to remove them from your list. You only want to pay for people who see you as valuable. Make email marketing easy with planning and consistent implementation. Have more questions reach out!

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