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Now Is the Time to Become Certified as a Minority-, Woman-, or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

In November 2021, President Joe Biden approved one of the largest federal infrastructure bills in history, spreading out $1.2 trillion across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is set to provide state governments with a much-needed boost in funding to update roads, bridges, public transportation, and more.

Among the other infrastructure priorities, the bill will fund the adoption of electric vehicles, widespread improvements to internet access, and enhancements for airports.

OHIO ROADS AND BRIDGES: – Cost of unmaintained roads per person: $506

– Miles of road in poor condition: 4,925

– Bridges in poor condition: 1,334

– Infrastructure report card grade: C-

– Expected grant funding for highway and bridge programs: $9.8 billion


Ohio airports are to receive $254 Million dollars from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This funding will be used toward projects to improve and replace runways, taxiways, and airport-owned towers. The grant will also expand to include terminal improvement and multimodal connections to the airport. Construction companies and subcontractors, you do the math. The grant money for highways, bridges, airports, and ports will be coming to Ohio over the next five years.

The time for reflection and preparation is now. Change is coming are you ready?

Do you have your diversity certifications to participate in this once and a life-time infrastructure opportunities? Are you ready to build and grow your business, change the legacy of your family for generations, and/or expand your business to other Ohio locations and states? The time is now to develop a plan. To discuss business strategy and diversity certifications to access contract opportunities, contact Aventi Enterprises.

Written by Shelly Hunt, Project Manager of Government Contracting at Aventi Enterprises.

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