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Reaching the Right Person at the Right Time

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

When it comes to marketing whether for business or for personal it is best to promote organically. Advertising is great but organic marketing can have the same amount of lead generation as advertising when done correctly. The problem people run into when it comes to organic marketing is really seeing the return on time investment in running their strategies. Ultimately, the message isn't clear or they are talking to the wrong people. It can look scientific but the only way for content to turn into cash is when the right message hits the right person at the right time. According to studies, back in 2012 it took almost half a year for a lead to convert. Now it can take 31 days and that doesn't include the seven times it takes for a new set of eyes to recognize your brand before it becomes a lead.

Marketing reports are the best way to show how fast or slow leads convert. Most softwares can generate reports to show leads converting. Some popular softwares include Sharpspring, Infusionsoft, Marketo and Hubspot. Make your leads convert faster and implement magnetic marketing. Magnetic marketing only works when the messaging is clear to the right audience. Clarity is power. This is when your marketing tactics magnetizes your audience. Use psychographics instead of demographics when doing market research. Demographics are the characterisitcs you can google about an ideal person. The psychographics are: what TV shows do they like, what grocery stores do they shop at, what type of clothing do they like to wear, or even what kind of mom are they? These questions help you write a clear message to speak to their pain because you have a solution. This will also help you speak right to your audience's fears, inabilities, and pain. After a few week's of pain they will decide to hand over the cash or deal with the problems themselves. Now the sales team must close properly and with intent and empathy.

Magnetic marketing is when your audience is magnetized to the content and messaging that is out. That can be on social, a newsletter, or email. The messaging in the content magnetizes the audience to take action immediately. As for marketing magnetically, it is all about who you are talking to and why. Have a clear message to the right audience and at the right time your ideal customer will be handing over cash willingly no further questions asked.

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