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Rev1 Issues Grant for Diverse Founders

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Aventi Enterprises and Rev1 Ventures are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive business environment in Central Ohio. To further this cause, the two entities partnered to offer the Rev1 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grant Fund to support women and entrepreneurs of color build tech-enabled, high-growth businesses in Central Ohio. This fund provides financial resources to these businesses that could not otherwise be obtained through traditional sources of capital. Furthermore, the fund also provides mentorship and guidance to help these entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors.

To be eligible for the grant, companies must be:

  1. Located in the Columbus region with a diverse founder (women or underserved minority).

  2. Considered at the concept stage and building a tech-enabled business with high-growth potential.

  3. An active Rev1 client or who have attended Rev1’s Customer Learning Lab market validation bootcamp.

Companies that have been supported by this initiative include Fleri, Color Coded Labs and Equitek. Fall Cohort 2022 Applications Have Been Processed and we congratulate the following applicants who moved on to the presentation round of the grant process:

  1. iCareNetwork

  2. MYLE

  3. Movement Genius

  4. Skelo Wear

  5. ZED Digital

Although the application period for the fall 2022 cohort has closed, details regarding the next round will be announced early in 2023. Eligible applicants will be invited to apply via email. All applications will be reviewed and scored by the Rev1 DEI Grant Committee and the top five scoring applications will be invited to present to the Committee. All companies will have the option of working with a team of Rev1 mentors to prepare their pitches.

By providing such support, Rev1 and Aventi are helping to create an environment where all individuals have equal access to opportunity and success regardless of gender or race.

For more information, visit

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