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Aventi, Anna, Alignment: New Team Member Joins Aventi Enterprises

We are growing here at Aventi and welcome Anna Yakubson to the team as our new Program Coordinator. She has had an adventurous journey on the way to Aventi Enterprises and she will be supporting you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Yakubson is from Moscow, Russia and moved to the United States when she was 7 years old. In her youth, she developed a desire to become an attorney and pursued this all through middle and high school. She spent some time at Columbus State Community College, where she quickly realized she was not going to like that career path.

She knew she wanted to interact with and help people, but wasn’t sure exactly in what field. She held various sales positions, but in her early twenties she realized she wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. She dabbled in several different opportunities, and ultimately realized that she really wanted to help fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers by providing resources and knowledge so that they do not get taken advantage of, as solo entrepreneurs often do.

"People may not know what they want to do...but, there's a way. Get support. Network and talk to people," says Yakubson. Although she loved her previous company, her actual role was not her "happy place" and she started a mission to create an avenue for her passion. She started her own company, Pulse Street Media, at the end of 2019.

Three months into navigating the entrepreneurial journey COVID-19 happened. Her newly budding, solo income disappeared. Anna, the everlasting optimist, found herself thankful in a way, for COVID-19. "Things don't happen to you, they happen for you."

Since her last role she knew she wanted to partner with a company whose values aligned with her own. She found that with Aventi and is excited to help Aventi in reaching its goals.

She has also been working to be more deeply involved as an agent in social justice and hopes to be part of affecting change for many years to come.

More fun facts about Anna:

She is a huge foodie and loves trying new dishes, but likes Mexican food the least. Don’t hold that against her though. 

She says that her greatest accomplishments are the relationships she has built with people in her life. She really does have a strong dedication and passion for connection and desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

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