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Aventi's TechX Program Inspires Founders and New Tech-Based Innovations

The TechX Program represents a transformative journey for businesses navigating the complexities of today's tech start up landscape. Through the collaborative efforts of Aventi and Rev1 Ventures, this initiative has become a beacon of innovation and opportunity for entrepreneurs in Central Ohio and serves as a catalyst, fostering the development of six (6) new tech-based ideas.

"Integration of Aventi Academy into the TechX Program ignited a powerful synergy," remarks De’Lona Moultrie, Senior Business Consulting of Venture Development at Aventi. "Our cohorts displayed remarkable enthusiasm and readiness to delve into the realm of technology."

With 22 applicants competing for admission and 17 driven entrepreneurs selected, the program was filled with potential. These individuals brought a wealth of ideas, poised to translate them into tangible outcomes. Despite inevitable challenges, each obstacle served as a catalyst for growth, refining the program to deliver unparalleled value.

"The TechX program was informative and enlightening. The program helped me to expand my vision and understanding of what's possible. I also appreciated the rigor as it stretched me and improved my ability to find product market fit for a new venture.," reflects Dr. Michelle Dunlap, graduate of the 2023 Summer cohort. The Idea Banks provided a fertile ground for creativity, while virtual advising sessions offered invaluable guidance. From collaborative brainstorming sessions to strategic partnerships, every interaction resonated with the spirit of innovation. The adaptation of the Test Card format ensured tailored support, further enhancing the program's efficacy.

The following businesses successfully completed the program and were recognized during the 2023 Graduation event held at Rev1 Ventures:

Joy Thomas - HUED CX

Tamela Walker - Torlitas LLC

John Burton - NotaryWeb

Trish Wright - Celebrity Style Events

As we embark on a new chapter, we are committed to elevating future iterations of the TechX Program. Informed by the insights gained from our 2023 cohorts, we remain steadfast in our work to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

For more information about the TechX program or to bring TechX to your organization, visit

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