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Is your Business Corona-proof? Local Skin Care Company Thrives Amid Pandemic

You may have been able to provide services to your existing customers but are you able to acquire new ones? Are you an organization who normally provides service face to face and struggling to transition online in the wake of the world-wide pandemic?

Is your business "pandemic"-proof?

The last 45 days or so have been hectic to say the least for most businesses. An online business was not normal and found to be nontraditional. If you did not already operate online you may have been out of business for a short while.

Markeisha Johnson, founder of Bom Bombs, was preparing to boost the sales of her online skin care company and then COVID-19 hit. She had just completed the Franklin County, Forward Cities Side Hustle to CEO coaching program offered by Aventi Enterprises and applied the strategies she had just learned. She connected with a few partners and quickly pivoted to offering hand sanitizer resulting in sales four times her usual. Once purchases were made for hand sanitizer, customers became aware of her other offerings in natural skin care products increasing sales even more. This rapid growth led her to move from her home to a warehouse facility so that she could increase production and maintain the demand.

If this resonates well with you, look at your business. Have you been resisting change? You may need to modify your business model, business plan, or change your product or service slightly to acquire new customers and do business online. Let's talk about it online here. We, at Aventi Enterprises, are here to help.

Change your mindset, accelerate, and move to the next dimension.

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